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IMAGINE develops sensing solutions that deliver real time data from large surface areas in buildings and infrastructure and can be manufactured at scale. This is enabled through Imagine’s vertically integrated solution consisting of proprietary conductive coatings and signal processing software, hardware and algorithms.

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Our solutions

Imagine’s smart surfaces can be applied across different types of buildings and infrastructure. They will provide invaluable data on: structural health, stress, pressure, moisture and leaks improving risk management, sustainability, safety and productivity and creating new business opportunities for our customers.

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the innovations

Smart materials will deliver the next revolution in the development of smart buildings: the Internet of Materials (IoM). These sensing surfaces measure and communicate touch, pressure, temperature, moisture and movement. They are also spatially aware, able to locate where data comes from.

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Our applications

True end user understanding is only achieved through working closely with customers and developing proof of concept solutions which evolve through piloting in real world environment.


Latest news

Imagine Sensing Buildings selected among Top 43 in 2020

Imagine Sensing Buildings selected among Top 43 in 2020 by Invest Horizon. The pitches were evaluated by the 150+ investors during the pitching events based on the following criteria: 1. Management Experience; 2. Product/Technology Merit; 3. Market Potential; 4. Go to Market/Strategy; Competitive Position; 5. Presentation Quality; 6. Business Model Clarity/Credibility

Imagine Sensing Buildings

Imagine Sensing Buildings Ltd is a new company that has been spun out from Imagine Intelligent Materials Ltd to focus on leak and strain sensing solutions in constructions and buildings.

Imagine wins the RecoTech 2020 pitching competition

The RecoTech jury awarded the 1st prize to Imagine. The winning factors were novelty, use of state-of-the art materials science with signal processing, wide applicability in smart city solutions and global market potential.

Imagine graduates from the KPMG Smart City accelerator

In 2020 KPMG launched the Smart City venture matching programme for start-ups from Europe and Israel. Its focus is on Smart Environment, Smart Energy, Smart Mobility and Smart Building.

Imagine Intelligent Materials was one of seven companies selected to attend based on merit and capability. Jaakko Kaidesoja, President of Imagine, undertook the seven week intensive training and educational programme. Experts from KPMG and partner companies, Career Team, Pitch Guru, and Pfenning, coached participants on topics including expansion and international scaling, IP protection, recruitment, audit, pricing and more to ensure that the graduate companies were prepared for KPMG's client network at a Match Night.

Our team

We have a team of talented and experiences people devoted to solve customer problems and develop unique solutions combining material science, signal processing, software and analytics.

Meet the team
Jaakko Kaidesoja CEO
Jari Muurinen Systems Engineer
Timo Huuhtanen Algorithms
Ville Tulonen Software Engineer
Hannu Forslund Software Engineer
Phil Aitchison Graphene Scientist - Advisory
Annamaria Rapakko Chairman of the Board
Chris Gilbey Advisory