Signal Processing
Data Analytics

The mission

Our mission is to create an ocean of valuable and usable data, sourced from every surface of the build environment, to deliver the actionable insights needed by owners, operators and the public.

Our vision

Imagine makes the buildings of the future healthier, safer living environments, by enabling sensing everywhere at low cost.

Who we are

Our focus is in sensing buildings – making them sustainable, safer  for people, energy efficient and enabling them to communicate with the users.

We can turn any surface into a sensor though graphene coatings and with signal processing we can detect and locate what is happening and report that to the user.

Our signal processing team is based in Salo, a group of talented engineers who have years of experience solving difficult engineering problems in signal processing and system design. They develop the edge devices and algorithms that can extract sensing data on moisture, stress, pressure, and location from our conductive coatings.

We work in partnership with material scientists in Imagine Intelligent Materials Ltd. in Australia and jointly develop the graphene coatings for sensing building solutions. Simultaneously we are establishing the knowledge and skills in Europe to be able to scale next to our customers. 

This remarkable combination provides real time data for advanced analytics. Our sensing solutions for buildings are, as of October 2020, being deployed into the Australian and European marketplace.

We work with existing manufacturing processes and supply chains to keep the risk and the capex low for our customers. We deliver solutions that can scale.

Sensing Everywhere

Functional, Modular, Scalable


Up until now the only sensors available have been “point-based”. They capture data from one single position – like a single surfer communicating what the ocean looks like from one vantage point. Smart materials are not limited. Data is generated from the whole surface. That is why we call it an ocean of data. Traditional sensing is always a trade-off between individual sensor cost, the ability to provide access to power, the scale of the materials, the cost of servicing the sensors, and real time data. With smart materials the whole area of the material is the sensor. The efficiency gains are massive.

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Always on
Real time data

Making all surfaces smart

Healthy Buildings, Healthy Planet