Structural Strain Sensing

Case info Year: 2021
Technology: Strain sensing

Imagine has experimented with a customer the structural stress on plywood through integrating a graphene layer inside the plywood and undergoing several stress tests for the material to understand how applying pressure and weight can be measured.

By connecting imagine’s F3 hardware into the graphene layer a change caused by strain can be detected and reported. Technology and method can be applied with different types of building materials providing solutions where understanding material stress provides valuable information to the customer, such as monitoring foundation of a building or movement of structural pillars or walls.

In building structural health monitoring measurement of the specific item being sensed (e.g. a concrete beam in a bridge) is representative of movement of the whole bridge, allowing use tracking of for example, overload events. Additionally, the same sensing surface can be used to directly measure the use and health of the beam itself. Is it operating outside its design parameters? Can the design be improved for the next version? Is the beam at risk of failure and have the initial stages of failure been detected? (e.g. cracking or deformation). Each of these scenarios are examples of how the imgne whole of surface sensing can be used. The sensing limits have been shifted from the sensors into the analysis.