Leak Sensing using imgne X3

Case info Year: 2020
Location: Global
Technology: imgne X3 geotextile

Leak sensing can be implemented for any building types through use of imgne X3 geotextile combined with imgne F3 hardware that connects the textile sensor to the cloud. By using imgne X3 textile the system is not dependent on the building materials and it can be deployed almost freely to roof, ceiling or floor construct. Imagine is working with its partners to integrate the sensing layer into different construction materials, which removes the need for use extra textile layer. The graphene sensing layer can be integrated into coatings, paints, kraft papers and e.g. waterproofing membranes. This combined with imgne F3 hardware will provide real time moisture detection on desired location and will optimize the use of materials in construction.

The benefits of Imagine’s solution are sclability and tailorable design at low cost. This allows for covering large areas, such as entire roof, or focusing on vulnerable locations only, such as window and door openings, joints, pipe or chimney inlets.

Risk reduction by continuous monitoring of surfaces in buildings and infrastructure for leaks and water damage reduces operating costs, design overhead and allows preventative maintenance based on actual data, not just forecasts based on similar systems or historical data.

This video link shows a desktop demonstration of leak detection: https://vimeo.com/410914275/109d1acb59