Smart Surfaces

Smart materials will deliver the next revolution in the development of smart buildings, roads, vehicles, agriculture and mines: the Internet of Materials (IoM). These sensing surfaces measure and communicate touch, pressure, temperature, moisture and movement. They are also spatially aware, able to locate where data comes from.


Signal Processing Hardware
Graphene coating
Data Analytics
Software and Algorithms


enables conductive surface

Imagine can add sensing to many different kinds materials and surfaces. Once a material is conductive it is able to react and respond to its environment and to external stimulation, it becomes a smart material.

Imagine has used the high electrical conductivity and high surface area and tailored the chemistry of the graphene to provide a material that can be coated onto fibres, textiles and other surfaces with high electrical conductivity and excellent response to water and strain (tension & pressure).

Imagine uses low cost, industrial graphite and exfoliates this at industrial scale, yielding tonnes of graphene. The process of exfoliation takes the dense mineral structure of graphite and peels off the one atom thick layers of graphene, dispersing them into solvents.  Imagine has licensed patents and developed its own proprietary techniques to master several aspects of the process of exfoliation, functionalisation and stabilisation at industrial scale.

The functionality of smart materials is not confined to defined points. Sensing is achieved across the whole of the material, enabling sensing everywhere.

Signal Processing

at the edge

Smart surfaces require new ways of processing data in order to communicate. Imagine has developed proprietary techniques and electronics to extract data from the smart surfaces and distinguish between data and signal noise. The key to enabling smart surfaces without high cost is to sense from the edge. Easy to install and upgrade, imgne® Visible™ provides a unique modular and scalable platform for smart surface sensing from the edge.


in real time

Imagine’s proprietary sensing technology allows us to get data from nearly any surface and is designed for Internet of Things connectivity, using any cloud service to process, store and communicate data.

Imagine processes the raw data into valuable data and presents this to the user via the imgne® Visible™ API, which allows users to perform their own analytics or to use Imagine’s analytics alone to deliver data from materials and turn it into useful, actionable information.