“We are developing solutions that we believe will have great value to building owners and operators. We put sustainability and safety at the centre of our activities.”

Jaakko Kaidesoja / CEO


our talented team

We have a team of talented people based on opposite sides of the world. They have totally different sets of skills, that turn out to be incredibly complementary. Our multidisciplinary team is at the core of our technology commercialisation.

Material science team in Australia is focusing on graphene production technology and conductive coatings for various materials, such as textiles and fixed surfaces, turning them into large scale sensors.

Signal processing team in Finland develops the software, algorithms and hardware required to interpret the signals from the surface to generate real time data.

Jaakko Kaidesoja CEO
Jari Muurinen Systems Engineer
Timo Huuhtanen Algorithms
Ville Tulonen Software Engineer
Hannu Forslund Software Engineer
Phil Aitchison Graphene Scientist - Advisory
Annamaria Rapakko Chairman of the Board
Chris Gilbey Advisory