Smart Surfaces

Imagine’s smart surfaces can be applied across buildings and infrastructure. They will provide invaluable data on: structural health, stress, pressure, leak and moisture detection improving risk management, sustainability, safety and creating new business opportunities for our customers. We work with leading materials supply companies to create smart materials. The cost of our solutions is incremental to the overall budget. The benefit of our solutions is extraordinary. We understand that technology is great, but only if it is affordable for the user.

Leak Sensing for indoors
Leak Sensing for wooden buildings
Leak Sensing for other building types
Strain Sensing

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Leak Sensing

Wherever we put a conductive graphene coating we can measure the changes in electrical properties. The graphene layer can be integrated to roofing membranes or deployed on wood, concrete and other materials such as façades and wall elements as a coating. We measure the changes in moisture. The system then provides real time information for occupants and building management to enable preventive maintenance.

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Leak Sensing for


Leak and moisture detection can also be implemented indoors for e.g. kitchens, bathrooms or wherever structures are vulnerable for moisture. Integrating a graphene layer into a waterproofing membrane or surface coating provides real time information about moisture levels and alerts if excess moisture or leakage is detected.

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Graphene coatings can detect stress and strain through change is resistance. This can be measured by Imagine’s signal processing solution providing possibilities to detect sudden impacts on e.g. foundation of a building or excess stress on structural materials. Imagine is developing and prototyping solutions for this area with its partners and is looking for customers for piloting the solutions.

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We are driven by end user needs

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Our goal is to help our customers deliver a better experience for the people that use the building. It means we need a true understanding of the end user needs. Together with our partners we work to resolve the customer problem and at the same time optimise the supply chain with our partner.